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As a website we aim to arrange a meeting between real estate clients and landlords in a short time. If we consider that client in some sense loses time and money by going to the location of the estate, our website can play significant role in elimination of these losses. Besides, sometimes landlords’ description of the estate as a "beautiful property" does not match with the real view of the estate and this causes discontent, loss of time and money. Therefore, before looking the place of the estate our site takes the responsibility to give the client initial real descriptions of the place. Here, clients can get information about estates for sale and rent in Azerbaijan and abroad, as well as about company and individuals who deal with maintenance-construction-design of different kinds of property. Collaboration with us will be advantageous not only for clients but also for landlords (real estate agencies). Because in our website landlords can deliver their information to a large mass of people and realize the property operatively.

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